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During 2019, Birchcliff drilled 30 (30.0 net) horizontal wells, 7 (7.0 net) of which were drilled in Q4 2019 to help ensure the efficient execution of Birchcliff’s 2020 capital program. Of these, 5 (5.0 net) were condensate-rich natural gas wells in Pouce Coupe and 2 (2.0 net) were oil wells in Gordondale.

Birchcliff brought on production 33 (33.0 net) wells during 2019, including 9 (9.0 net) wells that were drilled in Q4 2018 and 1 of the 7 wells drilled in Q4 2019, the remaining 6 of which will be brought on production in Q1 and Q2 2020. All wells drilled in 2019 were drilled on multi-well pads, which allows Birchcliff to reduce its per well costs and environmental footprint.

PC Gas Plant Phase VI Expansion Complete

The Phase VI expansion of the PC Gas Plant was completed in 2018 and as a result processing capacity has increased to 340 MMcf per day from 260 MMcf per day.  The project was completed on schedule and on budget.