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Birchcliff Staff

Birchcliff prides itself on being an innovative and environmentally friendly developer of our resource base while also going above and beyond as a responsible member of the community. By supporting local communities and providing open communication, we will continue to create long-term value for all of our stakeholders. At Birchcliff, we build every aspect of our business with long-term sustainability and responsibility in mind. Birchcliff’s stakeholder engagement begins in-house with the many employee and family programs offered to our staff. We know that by fostering a family environment in-house, we equip our staff with the tools and training to responsibly operate in the field. Birchcliff views corporate responsibility as a perpetual process that underpins everything we do. We look forward to continuing to work with local communities and indigenous groups in the Peace River Arch.

Fostering a strong relationship with the community and our stakeholders is as integral to the success of our projects as obtaining the required regulatory approvals. At Birchcliff, we believe cooperative, sincere and responsive consultation efforts with stakeholders in the areas in which we operate creates a solid foundation for our business. Birchcliff has an experienced team working with local stakeholders to learn their values and priorities and to resolve any issues or concerns that arise in the course of our field operations.