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Birchcliff plant

As at December 31, 2016, Birchcliff had a 100% working interest in two gas plants (including the PC Gas Plant) and three oil batteries, as well as various working interests in numerous other gas plants, oil batteries, compressors, facilities and infrastructure.

During 2016, Birchcliff spent approximately $66.8 million on infrastructure projects. In 2017, Birchcliff expects to spend approximately $85.6 million on infrastructure projects, including the expansions of the PC Gas Plant.


Birchcliff’s 100% owned PC Gas Plant, which is currently licensed to process up to 180 MMcf/d of natural gas, is located in the heart of the Corporation’s Montney/Doig Resource Play. The strategically situated site for the PC Gas Plant enables the Corporation to control and operate all essential infrastructure from wellhead to sales point.

The low operating costs of the PC Gas Plant and related infrastructure give the Corporation a strong competitive advantage over others paying for third-party natural gas processing. The PC Gas Plant is a key component in positioning the Corporation as a low-cost finder and producer of natural gas on the Montney/Doig Resource Play.

In September 2014, the Corporation completed the Phase IV expansion of the PCS Gas Plant, which expanded processing capacity to 180 MMcf/d from 150 MMcf/d. The cost of the Phase IV expansion was approximately $11.6 million.