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Corporate Responsibility

Birchcliff Staff

Birchcliff is committed to constantly evolving and improving our Health, Safety and Environmental Management Program and conducting our activities in a manner that safeguards our employees, contractors, representatives, the environment and the public at large.

As part of our fundamental values, we recognize the importance of our responsibility for environmental stewardship.

We endeavor to maintain excellence in environmental reporting and response, and to take proactive steps to eliminate or reduce our environmental impact.

As an organization which strives for continuous improvement, we continue to look for and develop new technology, systems and processes that will help improve efficiency, reduce our environmental footprint and create a safer work environment.

Fostering a strong relationship with the community and our stakeholders is as integral to the success of our projects as obtaining the required regulatory approvals. At Birchcliff, we believe cooperative, sincere and responsive consultation efforts with stakeholders in the areas in which we operate creates a solid foundation for our business. Birchcliff has an experienced team working with local stakeholders to learn their values and priorities and to resolve any issues or concerns that arise in the course of our field operations.